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In the world of fashion today, being a teenager is tricky. Social media ‘influencers’ are forever vying for their attention. And staying current is difficult when ‘fast fashion’ is forever picking up the pace.

As a parent, it’s hard to know how to handle the pressure of supporting a fashion-forward teen. Gone are the days when an annual trip to the mall for back to school clothes could suffice; today’s teens are eager to keep up with their friends by buying the latest teen outfits. And spotting the newest trends using their smartphone.

Where Do Teens Get Fashion Inspiration?

While your childhood might have involved weekly trips to the mall to check out trends, theirs isn’t. Today’s teens are more comfortable checking out what their friends are wearing on Snapchat or following self-made fashion stars on Instagram.

The internet allows teens a much more extensive selection of shopping option than physical stores. This means that a top priority for teen fashion is showcasing individuality. Fashion is all about making a personal mark with their choices.

Top Teen Fashion Trends for 2018

While some cute outfits for teens will leave you jealous, others might make you wonder if the fashionista even looked in a mirror before getting dressed. In the ever-changing world of teenage fashion, trends can last for days before becoming distinctly uncool again. Nonetheless, there are strong trends predicted for 2018 adolescent fashion trends, including the following.

Berets: Forget fedoras; the teens of 2018 are obsessed with this classic French trend instead. Cute, lightweight, and easy to match with your outfit, these hats are an easy way to complete a look.

100-percent Cotton Jeans: No-stretch denim is set to trend in 2018. 100-percent cotton jeans are an ideal way to highlight it.

Bold Mixed Prints: Floral is getting bigger and brighter in 2018. Teens are incorporating these prints into their daily style. Mixing patterns is no longer off limits. This year the more prominent the print, the better.

Ultra Violet: Named Pantone’s ‘color of the year’ this bright hue will be highlighted in everything from maxi dresses to makeup trends.

80s Sporty: Your favorite childhood fashions are back in style with teens these days. Everything from one-shouldered dresses to polyester windbreakers are now fair game.

Statement Earrings: 2018 trends predict that earrings will get bigger than ever.

Wide Leg Trousers: The days of skinny jeans might be passed when it comes to cute clothes for teens. Now, high schoolers are more in favor of wide cuts and flattering silhouettes.

Embellished Shoes: Actress Mindy Kaling made waves when she wore pearl-studded sneakers. The evidence shows that the embellished shoe trend for teen fashion is only just taking off.

Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.

– Coco Chanel

Sheer Socks: Entirely impractical yet adorably cute, sheer socks make a statement when matched with delicate ballet flats.

Peekaboo Side Slits: The slits come in wide-legged trousers or thigh-high dresses; this ever-popular way of showing a little skin is back in a big way.

Teddy Coats: Faux fur is having a moment in teen fashion. These coats designed to look like they are made from the fur of a teddy bear are all the rage. Warm, stylish, and on trend, your teen might soon be begging for one.

Corduroy: This cozy fabric is covering store shelves in 2018, yes seriously. And this textured velvet is the perfect compliment to almost any teen outfit.

Bustiers: Elegance with an edge is a hit with today’s teens. So bustiers layered over t-shirts gives a subtly sexy look that still complies with dress codes. Expect to see much more of this trend in upcoming months.

Sheer Dresses: These feminine and flirty dresses are an update on a classic wardrobe staple. Layering them with a full slip makes them appropriate for school, too.

Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.

– Oscar de la Renta

Layered Graphic Tees: Graphic tees are all the rage. Teenagers today like to layer them underneath edgier pieces of clothing, like bustiers and bodysuits.

Branded Logos: ‘90s branded hoodies are coming back in a big way, especially in male fashion. Whether today’s teens are being ironic or can’t remember that these brands were once cool… the trend might have some staying power.

Statement Socks: Socks have gained cred in the teenage world. Today the right pair can be a crucial statement piece. Bold colors and crazy designs are most desired.

Exposed Hips: You might be trying to forget your ‘80s high-cut bodysuits, but the odds are that teenagers today will soon be raiding their parent’s closets in search of them!

Teen fashion is forever changing, so you can be forgiven for not staying on top of your child’s current favorite trends. Regardless of your personal opinion on the clothes on the runway, make sure to support your child through their fashion choices, as clothes are a vital way that teens begin to express their individuality.

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