Let’s face it: kids have their own language. From ever-evolving text lingo to impossible to decipher meme culture, the constant communication divide can feel a bit scary. After all, your teenager lives in their own world and trying to traverse it is a challenge. Social media, it seems, is their domain. But there’s one social media app that has parents raising their eyebrows. That’s why it’s good to know all about your teen’s Snapchat account.

Many parents are intimidated by social media. That has a lot to do with the disconnect, so don’t get too discouraged. A Snapchat account is pretty straight forward. When mastered, this app will act as a window into your child’s life. Snapchat is also a great way to bond with them. It’s not too late to familiarize yourself with the popular app.

How Snapchat Works


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Snapchat is a picture sharing app unlike other similar apps. Instagram came around and showed us that social media can focus mainly on pictures shared between friends. Snapchat changed just how the picture sharing aspect of social media worked though.

Through Snapchat, users can take a picture through the app itself, send it to a friend or post it to their “stories.” But the catch is that the pictures remain only momentarily. They’re completely temporary and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

This new dimension of photo sharing piqued many teenagers interest, as Snapchat is used by more than 400 million people daily. Since it’s an invention, other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook took inspiration and introduced “stories” and temporary photo sharing.

The purpose of Snapchat


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The conception of Snapchat began at Stanford University. Two students named Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy craved a new medium of communication. Emojis and texts weren’t enough for them. Yet, at the same time, selfies felt like overkill and even a little invasive. That’s when the idea came to them: “time-limited photo sharing.”

It’s a simple idea that was never intended to be an inappropriate or nefarious app, despite what you may have heard. But you shouldn’t worry yourself too much. There are ways you can educate your teen on harmful or inappropriate messages.

But before we get to that, let’s discuss why teens love their Snapchat accounts so much.

Why kids love Snapchat


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To put it simply, your kids love their friends. They love the interaction and they love making new friends. So this new visual medium of quick photo and video messages is quite appealing to them. To them, it’s an easy way to goof off with their friends. Teenagers have learned that they can share funny images from their camera rolls, like memes and gifs.

If you understand why your kid is so obsessed with their Snapchat account, maybe it’ll be easier for you to get involved and enjoy yourself quite a bit? It’s worth giving it a shot.

The features of Snapchat

Features of Snapchat

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Don’t dive in just yet. There’s a lot more to Snapchat than just the “capture” and “send” buttons.

A Snapchat account comes with many features and many more to come with updates (including a ton of games). It’s swiftly becoming a more complex social media app, involving news, games, and constantly changing additions. So let’s get familiarized with those features.


Lenses and filters

Snap map


Your Kid’s Snapchat Account: Everything You Need to Know


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To know exactly how to handle your teenager’s Snapchat account is to know everything about Snapchat. But here’s why you should get involved:

Teenagers deserve a fair amount of privacy. You must remember when you were that age. Sometimes it probably felt like your parents suffocated you or were constantly over your shoulder. While independence is very important for your adolescent child, it’s not a bad idea to set some ground rules.

You may have heard about Snapchat’s notorious inappropriate-picture-sending connotation. It may be your teenager or someone else's, but some teenagers just can’t help themselves. Understand what the possibilities are and manage your and your teenager's expectations.

Sit them down and have a conversation with them about the dangers of talking to strangers, sending inappropriate images, and cyberbullying. All of those are very real issues with Snapchat.

Your best course of action is to become an expert on the topic.


How to monitor a Snapchat account

How to talk to your kid about Snapchat safety

What is Snapchat’s anti-bullying policy?

Do Snaps disappear forever?

What are Snapchat stories?

Taking Snaps, saving, and posting

Snapchat is a Lot of Fun When You Use it Safely


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The point is, there’s a lot you can do with your Snapchat account. It’s a versatile and fun app that really plays with what we can do with social media. But it’s not without its dangers. Education is the most important thing when giving your child permission to use this app.

It wouldn’t hurt to check in on your teenager every now and then to see if they are following the basic guidelines. Once you become a master at Snapchat, you, your kid, and your friends can have an incredible amount of fun.

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