If there’s one group of people who constantly claim to be struck down by boredom, it’s teenagers. No matter what time of the day or day of the week, it seems they can never find enough to entertain themselves. This extensive list of boredom buster will solve your problem and theirs, so hopefully, the boredom never strikes again.

Im Bored

Relaxing Things to Get Rid of Boredom

Relaxing is one of the best ways to kill some time, and take your stress levels down a notch too. Here are some relaxing boredom busters your teen might want to try.  

#96: Listen to Classical Music

Put some soft classical music on in the background and drift away with your thoughts. 

#95: Yoga

Try Out some basic yoga moves in your backyard and get a sense of inner peace from your newfound hobby.

#94: Bubble Bath

Take a long bubble bath using a variety of oils and scents, and fully relax your muscles and mind.  

#93: Foot Massages

Find a friend or family member who’s willing to trade foot massages with you and enjoy the pampering.

#92: Watch A Movie

Choose a movie that’s not too intense and get lost in the dreamy plot and soundtrack.

woman at a movie theater

#91: Read Some Poetry

Words can be relaxing as you’ll find when you read poetry that’s been designed to soothe the soul and mind.

#90: Get Your Nails Done

Head to your local nail salon to get pampered and relax as your hands and feet are massaged.

#89: Brew Some Tea

Experiment with new flavors of herbal tea and enjoy the health benefits of it too, or try to make your own kombucha.

#88: Cuddle Your Animals

Give some love to your animals and relax yourself by petting their soft fur.

#87: Do Stretches

Perform stretches from your head to your toes to rejuvenate yourself and get rid of any stress.

mom and son watching netflix

#86: Watch Netflix

Watch any of the binge-worthy series and movies that Netflix has to offer or have a movie marathon.

#85: Find Some YouTube Channels

Get stuck into YouTube and work your way through the thousands of amazing channels and vloggers online.

#84: Write A Letter

Handwrite a letter to anyone, even someone in your house, and take time to decorate it as well.

#83: Get Some Sunlight

Find a nice spot in the sun where you can sit for 20 minutes and give your body a boost of healthy vitamin D.

#82: Take A Walk

Go for a walk anywhere and for any length of time to keep your mind off being bored, take your dog for company.

a family taking a walk

#81: Visit the Water

Find a local water hole or beach side hangout and spend some time appreciating the water and the species that live there.

#80: Clean Your Room

Do a thorough clean of your room including under the bed, wardrobes, and dusting the entire area.

#79: Look At Old Photos

Go through old photobooks or your parent’s old albums and relive some wonderful memories from the past.

Random Things to Get Rid of Boredom

These are things you might not normally think of to do, but they can certainly kill some time. Try one of these random tasks the next time your teen is complaining of nothing to do.

#78: Call Your Grandparents

Say hello to your grandparents the old fashioned way and make their day by giving them a phone call.

child with her grandpa

#77: Clean Your Shoes

A super productive job that will raise your self esteem the next time you put your shiny shoes on.

#76 Play Candy Crush

Get this classic app on your phone and spend a few hours wasting time making your way through the levels.

#75: Find Old Friends on Facebook

Look up friends you went to grade school with or those you haven’t been in touch with for a while.

#74: Write A Song

Write the lyrics or musical component to a song and practice it until it’s perfect enough to perform for others.

#73: Talk In An Accent

Talk in a foreign accent and see if friends and family can guess where you’re from.

#72: Do A Crossword Puzzle

Try a crossword or sudoku from your local paper and spend some time exercising your brain.

#71: Start Your Own Blog

Make a free blog and start with your very first post, share with friends and family if you dare.

#70: Learn the Dance To A Song

Find a song on YouTube with a choreographed dance and learn all of the moves from start to finish.

#69: Go To the Zoo

Visit with the animals and learn something new about them at your local zoo.

#68: Do Something Embarrassing

Make a fool of yourself on purpose and give those around you a laugh.

#67: Write Random Things On Your Friend’s Walls

Head to social media and post some nice or funny messages on your friend’s walls.

two teens busy with their smartphones

#66: Choose A New Paint Color

Go to the hardware store and pick a new paint color for your room then get your parent’s permission to start painting.

#65: Wave At Strangers on the Street

Give a friendly wave to anyone who walks by and stop and chat if people seem willing.

#64: Start A Lemonade Stall

Make up a batch of lemonade and sell some in your front yard with the help of younger siblings.

#63: Ride The Bus For A While

Hop on a bus headed downtown and take the time to appreciate the journey before heading back home.

#62: Prank Your Family

Find some harmless but fun pranks to get your whole family with and start a prank war.

Prank Your Family

Fun Things to Do to Get Rid of Boredom

There’s nothing like a bit of fun to pass the time! These are some fun activities that you can suggest to your bored teenager that will get them out of their funk.

#61: Go For A Bike Ride

Get some fresh air and see parts of the neighborhood you don’t usually.

#60: Go To The Movies

Choose a movie you’ve been dying to see and go alone or with friends.

#59: Visit A Theme Park

Go to any theme park in your area and spend a day alone on the rides.

#58: Have A Water Fight

Fill up bowls, buckets, and balloons and have a good old fashioned water fight.

water fight

#57: Throw A Party

Big or small, organize some friends together and have a party for no good reason.

#56: Have A Dance Off

Battle yourself or someone else to who the best dancer is or who can come up with the craziest moves.

#55: Call Your Friends

Phone your friends to say hello and let them know you’re bored – they might have a suggestion.

#54: Scroll Through Pinterest

Get lost on Pinterest looking through the various boards that inspire you.

#53: Go to Mini Golf

Spend the day in the sunshine and play a round of mini-golf with friends or alone.

Mini Golf

#52: Make A Bucket List

Make a list of things you want to do before you die and try to tick one off.

#51: Watch A Childhood Favorite Movie

Revisit a classic that you used to love and reminisce while watching your favorite kids movie.

#50: Have A Sleepover

Invite your best friends over for a sleepover with popcorn and movies.

#49: Cook Your Favorite Treat

Treat yourself with something sweet like cookies or brownies and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.

#48: FaceTime With Faraway Friends and Family

Reach out to friends and relatives that live overseas or across the country.

Facetime with Faraway Friend

#47: Tye-Dye Some Clothes

Add some color to your clothing or bed sheets with a simple tie-dye job.

Productive Things to Do When Bored

Using your boredom for something worthwhile can kill two birds with one stone, so why not suggest these productive things for your teen the next time they have nothing to do?

#46: Learn How to Cook A Meal

Study a cookbook, find a  recipe online, or ask mom for one of her favorites.

#45: Do Your Homework

Get to the homework you’ve been putting off and tick something off your list.

#44: Learn Some Phrases in Spanish

Hop online and do a free Spanish language class to build your skills in this popular language.

#43: Exercise for 30 Minutes

Run, walk, jump, dance, or skip for 30 minutes and you’ll be bored no longer.


#42: Give Away Old Clothes

Try on all of your clothes to see what you don’t want anymore and give them to goodwill.

#41: Declutter Your Room

Go around your room and get rid of old or unwanted things to clear some space.

#40: Clean Out Your Makeup Kit

Throw out expired products, clean your brushes, and get it looking nice.

#39: Sign Up For A Class

Most local community centers offer free classes that you can try out for a new experience.

#38: Visit the Library

Spend a few hours checking out the local library and take a few things home to read.

woman looking for a book

#37: Look For Part-Time Work

Either freelance, part-time, or volunteer work will all be able to cure boredom.

#36: Do A DIY Project

Check out Pinterest for inspiration on DIY projects that you can try at home.

#35: Start A Garden

Whether it’s a small herb garden or one in the backyard, you’ll be able to reap the rewards.

#34: Do A Grocery Shop

Ask your parents if they need anything from the store and go out and get it for them.

Do A Grocery

#33: Make A LinkedIn Profile

Start your LinkedIn profile and give yourself a professional presence on social media.

#32: Start Your Resume

Get a resume started and make a list of all the accomplishments you’ve had so far.

#31: Clean Up Your Emails

Tackle the mounting junk email file and get rid of the old ones you no longer need.

#30: Clean Your Sister’s Room

A way to do something good for others and yourself is to help out your siblings.

TV on a room

Adventurous Things to Do When Bored

These are activities that can take your teen out of their comfort zone and kill some time in the process. Ranging from super adventurous to just a little bit challenging, there’s something here for everyone.

#29: Go For A Hike

Find a trail nearby that’s good for beginners and pack some supplies to go for a hike.

#28: Tackle A Jungle Gym

Head to the local kid’s playground and make a commando course out of the jungle gym.

#27: Do 100 Burpees

Drop and give yourself 100 burpees for an instant energy boost and quick workout.

#26: Plan A Camping Trip

Whether it’s in the backyard or at your local camping ground, a camping trip can cure boredom for days.

#25: Learn A New Skill

Woodworking, painting, sewing, cooking, or anything you’ve never tried before.

#24: Go to the Gym

Take 30 minutes to go do a free trial at a gym and push yourself to your limits.

people working out on a gym

#23: Drive Somewhere New

Get in your car (or a bus) and go visit somewhere you’ve never been.

#22: Stage A Photo Shoot

Whether it’s you or a different subject matter, stage a professional photo shoot at home.

#21: Reach Out To An Old Friend

Send an email or phone a friend who you lost contact with and say hello.

#20: Try A New Food

Try something spicy, salty, or sweet that you’ve never been game to eat before.

#19: Visit A Museum

Think outside of the box and get some inspiration at your local museum. 


#18: Make Friends With A Stranger

Start a conversation with someone at the store, park, or library.

#17: Redecorate Your Room

Move your furniture around and try new things in your room décor.

#16: Plan A Holiday

Even if it’s one you’ll never take, do some research on where in the world you’d like to visit.

Self-Care Things to Get Rid of Boredom

Treating yourself to a bit of love now and then is important, especially for our teenagers. These are a few suggestions they might like to do so they can give themselves the self-care they deserve.

#15: Meditate

Spend some time with your thoughts and focus on breathing with a meditation session.

#14: Paint Your Nails

A simple manicure done at home is a great way to treat yourself that doesn’t cost a thing.

woman painting her nails

#13: Write Down Your Goals

Thinking of ways we can better ourselves shows us that we’re always worthy of more.

#12: Lay In A Hammock

The simple act of swinging can be a treat for the body and mind, and a way to unwind.

#11: List Your Good Points

Write a self love list that shows you what makes you truly special and worthy of love.

#10: Bake Yourself Comfort Food

Cookies, cake, pasta, whatever takes your fancy and makes you feel loved.

Bake a Cookies

#9: Watch A Feel Good Movie

Choose a classic known for its feel-good vibes and lose yourself in the story.

#8: Eat Snacks in Bed

Get rugged up, put on a movie, and eat your favourite foods in bed.

#7: Take A Hot Shower

Spend as long as you want in there and lose yourself in the good feeling of the water.

#6: Drink A Cup of Tea

A simple act of self-care that you’ll benefit from instantly.

a teen drinking coffee

#5: Tell Someone

You Love Them. Friends, family, yourself, whoever you tell it will give you a boost.

#4: Buy Yourself Some New Clothes

Whether it’s at the thrift store or department store, let your budget guide to you a new outfit.

#3: Exfoliate All Over

Get in the shower and scrub all over to give your skin and body  new lease on life.

#2: Write Some Affirmations

Pen some daily affirmations you can tell yourself to remind you of the good inside.

#1: Start A Journal

Write down your thoughts and add to it when you get the chance.

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