Finding age-appropriate hobbies for teens isn’t always easy.

Unfortunately, schools aren’t able to offer enough clubs and activities to fit every teen’s unique personality and interests.

Most people think that since teens and young people are fairly openminded, they’re more likely to branch out and try new things.

This isn’t always the case.

Lots of young people might not be interested in trying new and great hobbies if they believe it clashes with their sense of identity. Others may simply not feel comfortable putting themselves “out there” in a new group of strangers.

When it comes to selecting a new hobby, teens need to come up with (or at least feel like they came up with) the idea themselves. They probably won’t take suggestions from parents or even other adults they respect.

Either way, this list of hobbies and interests for teens has something for everyone – including introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between.

What is a Hobby? Why are Great Hobbies and Interests Important for Teens?

Hobbies and interests are an important way for teens to build valuable skills and occupy their time in healthy ways.

If you ask an adult “what is a hobby and what does it mean to you” they’ll probably tell you it’s their way to blow off steam and learn new things.

Why should you approach hobbies for teens any differently?

As an adult, you wouldn’t want someone forcing you into a hobby because they think you need to build a certain skill, right? That’s pretty insulting and condescending.

Hobbies are a crucial way to grow and learn – on your own time in your own way.

The Ultimate List of Hobbies for Teens

Teens and young adults need room: room to grow, room to make mistakes, room to learn what they like and don’t like.

This list of hobbies has something for teens of every stripe.

Some teens may be calm, cool, and collected. These folks could explore a hobby that requires a little more responsibility.

Other teens aren’t quite there yet – but don’t force them to change – instead, try something that offers a little less responsibility and more variance to accommodate their unique personality.

1. Photography

A nice camera, lens attachments, and editing software: the proper supplies could turn this into a solo career.

2. Geocaching

This one’s great for people who get bored easily because looking for the caches keep you on the move and using your brain. Geocaching is perfect for both introverts and groups.

3. Web Design

Does your teen spend too much time online? Let them turn their web browsing into a skill.

4. Tombstone Rubbing

Have a goth teen who doesn’t “like” anything? Tombstone rubbing can get them out of the house and learning about local history.

5. Memes

Don’t knock the memes! They make great hobbies for getting super creative while learning valuable graphic design skills and programs.

6. Disc Golf

The supplies can get a little pricey but disc golf is a low-impact yet competitive activity for teens who aren’t into traditional sports.

7. Group Fitness

Most school-sponsored sports are really competitive – a major turn-off for introverts. Let your teen explore something they can fit into like dancing, karate, or yoga.

8. Calligraphy

In this digital world, the very act of writing itself is making a comeback as a hobby. Calligraphy combines perfect amounts of art and language.

9. Writing

Although teens are overflowing with emotion, most of them don’t want to pour their thoughts into a journal. Think outside the box: encourage them to submit pieces to their favorite websites.

10.Ghost Hunting

Make sure they take proper precaution by not trespassing. Find an adult to tag along on night trips or schedule tours.

11.Volunteer Work

This one might be an immediate turn-off for teens unless you find an activity that fits with their interests like animals (shelters), cooking (soup kitchens), or carpentry (Habitat for Humanity).

How to Find Great Hobbies for Your Teen

As mentioned above, most teens won’t be interested in trying any new activity they don’t feel like they came up with on their own.

This doesn’t mean teens are averse to trying something new outside their interests. In fact, teens are notorious for changing their identity.

It does mean that you should never force your teen into a hobby or activity they don’t like. If they find hobbies and interests appealing, they’ll give them a shot.

If your teen doesn’t have any hobbies – at all – talk to them in an open conversation about their interests and things they enjoy.

Have them try a new activity with a group of friends to take the pressure off.

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