There are more tools available than ever before for helping college students master college life. It’s a stressful time; balancing life with fun and work with study. College students can access a host of free apps that will help them stay organized and on budget.

College means that students are suddenly responsible for every moment of their day and all the resources at hand. It comes as a shock for most 18-year-olds. Living on your own, keeping up with classes, working, and managing your money can be overwhelming. These free apps can help students live their best college life.

Free Apps for Staying Organized

Juggling class schedules, due dates, and work shifts can put anyone in a spin. These free apps will help keep tabs on all the to-dos, and organize schedules.

1. Your college’s app

Many colleges and universities have their own apps. They’ll provide info like game schedules, events, class assignments, and even the dining hall menu. Check this out first for organizing your life on campus.

2. EverNote

EverNote is a fantastic organization app for individuals or work teams. Keep track of project notes, images, and clippings. Keep notes and to-do lists. This free app features a digital workspace that’s easy to navigate.

3. Todoist

Todoist is the ultimate to-do list app. It works both online and off line. You can schedule tasks and subtask and created deadlines. You can also share your lists with team members and track productivity.

I'm back! I was gone for a week because I honestly didn't feel good at all. I've been thinking about making a post about studying and depression and how I try to deal with it, maybe I'll do it. But, here are the apps I use for University: 1) Google Drive: Makes life 10x times easier when you have to transfer big files or a lot of them. 2) Notes: I use this mostly to write ideas or things I need to remember 3) Tiny Scanner: A life saver when you're on the go and you need to scan something. 4) Google Sheets: I don't use this all the time, mainly when I have to do tables and such and I don't have my computer on me 5) Adobe Reader: the second love of my life after my boyfriend, I can read, highlight and annotate PDFs and save them on the cloud 6) Agenda: I have my schedule in this app, and also in which classroom I have my classes 7) Google Docs: I suddenly get creative outburst or this need to start doing work at the most random places sometimes so this app is A++ for me because I can write wherever I am at the time and it saves it on the cloud. If you read all that, kudos to you lol and I hope this was helpful

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4. G Suite

G Suite is all the Google apps in one app. Take advantage of free Google tools like Sheets, Docs, Calendar, and email. Instead of loading separate apps to create documents and spreadsheets, G Suite lets you manage all in one free-to-use space.

5. Microsoft Office Mobile

Similar to G Suite, this free app lets you use all the Microsoft Office tools in one digital space. If you have access to Office products like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, through a subscription or as part of a class download this free app to access them all from your device.

Free Apps for Better Studying

6. Brainscape

Create and use flashcards through Brainscape. This app also features flashcards for standardized tests like MCAT and GRE. It also has ready-made flash cards for several basic subjects and languages.

7. Duolingo

Duolingo is a great free app for language study. Download to help you perfect your French, Spanish, and even German. Duolingo features language learning games that only take a few minutes a day.

8. QuizLet

QuizLet is one of the best-known study apps for college students. It features a range of study tools with flashcards and games. Use their database of public cards or create your own.

9. EasyBib

This free app saves you tons of time by helping you manage any bibliography. The EasyBib app allows you to fill out one form to create an approved-format bibliography for your papers. Provides MLA8, MLA7, Chicago, APA, and so many more. Best of all, it stays up to date with new style changes.

Free Apps for Saving and Managing Your Money

10. Mint

College students are broke by definition. Help learn to manage your money and organize your financials with Mint. Manage your savings and checking accounts, keep track of bills, and rule your credit cards in one free app. Mint also helps you keep track of your spending and credit score.

11. Walmart Savings Catcher

Eventually, you’ll need to buy new underwear. Or soap. With a Walmart store near every college campus in the country, and open 24/7, it’s likely you’ll find yourself in one at some point. The Walmart Savings Catcher app lets you scan your receipts. If a lower price is found nearby, they’ll refund the difference to a Walmart card you can use later.

12. Target Cartwheel

It’s no secret that college students love Target for dorm décor and clothing. Where else can you sip a Starbuck latte and browse the latest casual fashions? The Target Cartwheel app helps you find great stuff on sale and knocks a percentage off the price when you check out.

13. Acorns

You may think that college is too soon to start investing, but it’s actually a great time to start. The sooner you can squirrel away spare change, the longer you’ll have to earn money on the interest. Acorns connects with your debit card to deposit the spare change from your purchases into an investment account. It rounds your purchases up to the next dollar and invests the change. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to get started saving for your future. It can also make balancing your checkbook a bit simpler. Although there is a small maintenance fee for accounts under $5,000, College students can use the service for free for up to four years.

14. Chegg

Chegg is the go-to for buying or renting textbooks on the cheap. Textbooks can cost hundreds of dollars, and add up to thousands every year. Don’t throw your money away at the campus bookstore when you can buy cheap, used, or rent.

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15. Groupon

Now that your independent and in college, you’re going to want to explore your new town and try new experiences. Grab the free app from Groupon to check out deep discounts on local events and entertainment.

16. CollegePower

This free app focuses on food discounts around colleges. Check out the local deals and save the ones you want to try. The CollegePower app saves the discount price for you, so you can use it at your convenience. The app also lets you share deals with friends. The more, the merrier.

Free Apps for Safety/Self Care

17. First Aid by American Red Cross

Now that mom’s box of Band-Aids and Bactine isn’t around, be prepared by downloading this app. This free First Aid app from the American Red Cross shows you how to perform basic first aid and assess medical emergencies on the spot. Better safe than sorry.

18. Bsafe

Bsafe is a free personal safety app that lets you alert friends about your whereabouts. Starting out in college in a strange town can leave you, and your friends, and your parents, a bit worried. Bsafe will alert your contacts about your location using your GPS. You can let your friends and family know when you’re home safe. It has an alarm and auto video broadcast for emergencies. It even has a “fake call feature” so you can bail out of uncomfortable dates or parties graciously.

19. Circle of 6

Give this app the name of your six closes friends. If you feel unsafe, you can use Circle of 6 to notify your friends to ask for help. It gives your current location so they can launch a rescue. It also has national safety hotlines numbers.

20. Uber

You’ve heard of Uber, now download the app. If you get lost during a pub crawl, or have been partying and should not be driving, let an Uber driver get you home. Even if your feet hurt because you just had to wear those heels, grab a low-cost Uber ride to get home safe and blister free.

21. My Fitness Pal

With all the stress, open dining hall food, and hours spent study, the Freshman 15 is not a myth. Even if the extra weight isn’t a concern, taking care of your body will keep your energy up and your mind clear. The My Fitness Pal app has a huge database of nutritional information so you can make good choices. You can enter your exercise program and goals. Stay on top of your health with this free app.

22. Headspace

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. With all the stress of college, it helps to find ways to de-stress. The Headspace app provides guided meditation for clearing your mind and relaxing your body.

23. Happify

Happify claims their positive reinforcement app helps 86 percent of people who use it. The free app has games and quizzes that increase your mood levels and help get rid of negative thoughts that cause self-doubt.

Free Apps for Staying Connected

24. LinkedIn

Even if you just started college, you’re going to want to start connecting with professionals in your chosen field. Whether you’re looking for a job or internship, LinkedIn lets you connect with industry thought leaders. Find a mentor or get a feel for the real-life people in your first job. Follow experts for advice, and reach out to potential employers.

25. Trello

College comes with a number of group projects. With a busy life, it’s hard to keep a team organized. The free Trello app works like a group bulletin board to help you work and play well with others. Use cards to create tasks. Add due dates, assign team members, and color code for efficiency.

26. GroupMe

GroupMe is a great way to communicate with a group of friends, coworkers, or teammates. Instead of juggling a bunch of phone numbers, use group chats to coordinate. GroupMe is great for spring break, group assignments, and party nights as well. Want to keep in touch with your besties from high school? GroupMe allows you to stay connected despite the miles.

27. Google Hangouts

Get some face-to-face time with your squad or with you mom. Have a one-on-one chat, or a conference call. Google Hangouts is a great free app when you’re missing familiar faces from home.

Free Apps for Staying Up to Date with the News

28. Flipboard

This streamlined free app lets you create your own magazine right on your smartphone. Flipboard repackages and presents the top stories of the day, keeping you up-to-date however busy your schedule. You can follow news site and social media streams, too, making it personalized just to you.

29. Feedly

This free news app carries the latest headlines from sites like the New York Times. Feedly also lets you follow news blogs and YouTube channels. You can integrate Google Alerts for up-to-the-minute news flashes on any issue.

Free Apps for Shopping

30. Amazon

Amazon pretty much carries everything you could want. From text books to two-hour grocery delivery, Amazon’s free app is a must-have for students. College students get a free six-month membership to Prime. That means two-day shipping on purchases, free online streaming music and video, and other great benefits. Rent textbooks, decorate your dorm, or replace your roommate’s teapot you broke before she gets back from winter break.

31. Poshmark

If you love to keep your style fresh, but can’t afford it because of college expenses, check out Poshmark. Find gently used clothes or sell the stuff you no longer wear. It’s a win-win for fashionistas.

32. Flipp

If you’ve moved out of the dorms and are stocking your own kitchen, try Flipp for grocery discounts. Flipp integrates weekly flyers from your local stores and gives you alerts on sales and coupons. Save money on your mac and cheese and pantry staples.

Free Apps for Finding Stuff in Your New Town

33. Yelp

The free Yelp app helps you find local places to shop and visit. It’s hard getting used to a new town, and Yelp will help you find the best places to hang. Check reviews on restaurants and entertainment venues. Get a sneak peak at menus and entry prices so you can budget your fun dollars wisely.

34. College Foodz

The College Foodz app features dining options near a range of colleges. Find local restaurants and discounts, and get alerted on dining deals. You can tag your favorites so you’ll be notified whenever they have a deal.

35. AroundCampus

AroundCampus helps you find local business in your college town. Need a haircut or some random dry cleaning? How about an oil change? It also has an “Around Town” section for restaurants and food services.

36. ScoutMob

ScoutMob isn’t available for every city, but it’s worth taking a look. This free apps notifies you of local happenings in the area. You’ll save money on deals and have a blast finding fun things to do in your new location.

These free apps can be lifesavers when it comes to managing the details of college life. Let the tech work for you, and manage your time with these organization tools. Keep your healthy edge with these self-care apps that keep you fit. And make the most of your precious dollars by learning to track, save, and invest your money.


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